Last updated June 15 2007
Hotlist's Top 10 most searched for actors
by Lee Harvey, MSN Search Editor
Find more images of Brad Pitt with Live Search (Image © Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)While screen queens like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry claim the lion’s share of your movie searches, their male counterparts are catching up fast thanks to starring roles in some of the year’s biggest blockbusters and an uncanny ability to milk their celeb status for all its worth. Meet the kings of cinematic searches as Hotlist counts down the Top 10 most searched for actors. Our chart has been compiled from searches on MSN UK and Live Search between December 1 2006 and May 18 2007.

10. Wentworth Miller - Wentworth’s role as escapee-in-chief Michael Schofield in all-action rollercoaster US drama Prison Break catapulted him to the upper reaches of Hotlist’s TV searches. British-born Miller received a Golden Globe nomination for best performance in a television series.

9. Gerard Butler - Until this year, Glaswegian born Gerard was best known for his performance in the movie adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera. His lead role as King Leonidas in the semi-animated historical epic 300 propelled him into the search stratosphere.

8. Daniel Craig - Craig singlehandedly reinvigorated the James Bond movie franchise after taking over as 007 from Pierce Brosnan. His performance in Casino Royale immediately silenced critics and also won him the best actor award at the Evening Standard British Film Awards. None of his 007 predecessors, not even Roger Moore or Sean Connery, were honoured for their portrayals of Bond.

7. Orlando Bloom - Having made his initial mainstream breakthrough as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Orlando’s role as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean films kept his search star rising. He has now played starring roles in four of the highest grossing movies of all time.

6. Sylvester Stallone - An improbable comeback at the age of 60 in the movie Rocky Balboa allowed Sly a return to Hotlist glory. Off screen, he hit the headlines after being accused of smuggling hormone growth supplements into Australia and a hilarious on-field appearance at Everton’s Goodison Park. Determined to show his love for the beautiful game, he even described the goal conceded by the homeside as “offside, or whatever”.

5. Keanu Reeves - Overcoming his much-maligned acting limitations, Keanu’s 20-year cinematic career peaked with his central role in The Matrix trilogy. Most recently seen in Richard Linklater’s movie adaptation of Philip K Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, Keanu’s global fame guarantees consistent search success regardless of the regularity of his on-screen performances.

4. Tom Cruise - Despite his status as an icon of modern mainstream cinema, it’s Tom’s off-screen interests that are responsible for his recent search success. His marriage to Katie Holmes was 2006’s biggest celebrity wedding and his friendship with the Beckhams certainly hasn’t harmed his search popularity. More recently, the Scientology debate, famously refueled by BBC reporter John Sweeney, got you searching for Tom again.

3. Daniel Radcliffe - Britain’s richest teenager ditched his specs and dropped his kecks as he trod the boards opposite Joanna Christie in the play Equus. Searches for the Harry Potter star soared as a consequence and look certain to remain high as the final adaptation of JK Rowling’s series hits cinemas later this year.

2. Johnny Depp - Reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow saw Johnny plunder his way to Hotlist success. Off screen, a health scare for his daughter Lily Rose and his marriage proposal to long-term partner Vanessa Paradis also got you searching.

1. Brad Pitt - Being one half of one the world’s most famous celebrity couples gives Brad immediate search kudos. Along with wife Angelina Jolie, Brad was listed among Time magazine’s Top 100 most influential people in the world. On-screen, his role alongside Cate Blanchett and Gael Garcia Bernal in much-hyped Oscar-winning movie Babel propelled him to the top spot.

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