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Last updated January 21 2008
Chinese "half man" learns to walk again
By Lee Harvey, MSN Search Editor
Find out more about the amazing story of Peng Shuilin with Live Search (Image © AP Photo/EyePress)A Chinese man sliced in half in a horrific traffic accident thirteen years ago has taken giant steps after learning to walk again and is making the most of his life thanks to an assortment of mobility aids.

Peng Shuilin, who measures just 78 centimetres in height, was found in two pieces after being hit by a freight truck in the town of Shenzhen in 1995.
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Medics decided the lower half of his body could not be saved but a series of operations closed up his bottomless torso. Skin was transferred from his head to the underside of his severed body to keep his organs alive and away from the damaging effects of outside exposure.
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Mr Peng then built up the strength in his arms for mobility and then began searching for companies that specialised in manufacturing artificial limbs. Experts assembled artificial legs for him and specially fitted them to his torso. Doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre helped Mr Peng learn to walk again with two bionic legs attached to a special casting.

Thanks to his successful 13-year fight, Mr Peng is now able to undertake the day-to-day actions of normal-bodied people.

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